Thursday, November 8, 2012

Artistic Endeavors

Everyone is guilty at some point of having what they SAY not match what they DO. Hence what they're saying is probably inaccurate, at least to some degree.
The remedy might be to take some quiet time and think about what you actually WANT to do and what path(s) you want to take with your endeavors (e.g. your artistic endeavors). If you think about what you really want, then what you do and say will naturally fall back into agreement with one another.

To follow my own advice, I've listed what I want to do regarding my own artistic endeavors:
1) clear off and create a space to do my art - have it organized and uncluttered;
2) post my new artwork to Etsy - do this more to share/distribute my artwork than to make money;
3) paint more often, period, otherwise I won't get to explore as many new ideas and methods;
4) decorate my house with my artwork; and
5) get inspired to create new artwork via Pinterest and periodic art workshops or classes!

Eventually, I would also like to create illustrations for a book of poems I have written, but that is a much more long term goal. Speaking of Pinterest, I have planned how I want my new art space/office to look via Pinterest.

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