Portfolio of My Artwork

Blue Anemone (acrylic on mini canvas)

Sleeping Fox (oil pastel on colored paper)

Bunny (w.c. painting)

Sitting Fox (w.c. painting)

Relaxing Fox (w.c. painting)
Note: I became Jess Inman in 2011.
Formerly I was Jess Sanaie.
Red Barn (w.c. painting)

Virginia Inn (w.c. painting w/ pastel)

Log Cabin (w.c. painting)

Winter Cabin (w.c. painting)

Purple Field (pastel and w.c. paint)

Blue Trees (pastel and w.c. paint)

Red Grass (mostly w.c. paint)

Pink Landscape (pastel and w.c. paint)

Orange Trees (w.c. painting)

Pink Grass (w.c. painting)

Red Artist (red w.c. paint)

Home Sweet Home (oil pastel)

Mike (w.c. paint and pencil)

Lorraine (w.c. paint and pencil)

Zoe (pen and marker)

Froy Sitting (pencil drawing)

Coffee II (w.c. paint and pencil)

NY-Style Bagels (acrylic painting)
Ozzy (w.c. painting)

Horse (w.c. painting)

Duel Colors Cat III (w.c. painting)

Dual Colors Cat I (w.c. painting)

Carriage Horse (w.c. painting)

Colorado (w.c. paint and crayon)

Still Life with Flowers and Vase (w.c. painting)

Fall Road (lg. w.c. painting)

Finger Colors (w.c. painting)

Pink Pansies (w.c. painting)

Zinnia (w.c. painting)

Green Wash, Pine Trees on Hill (w.c. with glaze)

Green Meadow (w.c. paint with crayon)

Black Sand Beach (w.c. paint over gesso)

Oliver (w.c. painting)

Poinsetta Flowers (w.c. painting)

Chirp Owl (w.c. paint over gesso)

Still Life with Teapot (w.c. painting)

Colorful Field (w.c. painting)

Night Fishing (w.c. painting)

The Froylan (w.c. painting)
Tiger for Waqar II (acrylic painting)

Tiger for Waqar I (acrylic painting)

Elephant for Baby Noah (acrylic painting)
Shoed Horse (w.c. painting)
Danny's Grandma's Street I (acrylic painting)

Danny's Grandma's Street II (acrylic painting)

Venice Window (photo)

Venice Building Top (photo)

Red Venice Building (photo)

Venice Butterfly (photo)

Venice Waterway (photo)

Blue Venice Building (photo)

Venice Afternoon (photo)
Venice Street (photo)

Venice Oval Windows (photo)

Venice Buildings (photo)

Venice Boats (photo)
Venice Boatman (photo)

Grandma's Favorite Color is Brown (w.c. painting)

British Cup of Tea (w.c. painting)
Glazed Field (w.c. painting)

Lonely Dog (w.c. painting)

Sarah's Mom (w.c. painting)

Going to War (pen, ink, marker)

Everything for the Art I (photo)

Everything for the Art II (photo)

Red and Green Artist (pen, paint)

Self Portrait with Reynauds (w.c. painting)
Dad's Happy Horse (w.c. painting)
Brett's Flower (w.c. painting)

Meagan's Field (w.c. painting)

Bowl of Fruit (ink painting)
Lonely Girl (w.c. painting)
Before 2005
Abstract Self Portrait I (oil painting)

Peacocks (oil painting)

Red Artist (oil stick)